My Way Christian youth camp is a huge success every Summer in Kostroma! During the Summer of 2015, there were 3 separate weeks of camp (younger children, teens, and young adults). Camp consists of first building the camp: the worship tent, picnic tables, volleyball court, etc. Also, setting up sleeping areas, outhouses, and showers must be done.  Then, there are games, swimming, worship services with a full band and sermon.  Sometimes moose like to wander onto camp!  These kids absolutely love camp!  They love making new friends, deepening existing friendships, and learning about God and praising His name!  This is an incredible tool for winning Russians to Christ.  Though Russian laws prohibit those under 18 to make a decision for Christ without parental consent, it is still worth every moment, every drop of sweat to spend a week sleeping on the ground, sharing the Gospel with these young people.

While at university, Natalia studied to become a teacher.  She was assigned by the government to complete her student teaching at Light to the World Christian Academy.  At this time, she was an Atheist. However, throughout her time at LTTW, she very quickly came to understand what it means to follow Christ and after her student teaching was over, she applied for a teaching position at LTTW and gave her life to Christ.  She is pictured here at My Way Christian youth camp as a sponsor.  Her love for Christ and others is strong and inspiring.


Sasha (pictured on the right) attends Light to the World Christian Academy and has done so for 7 years. She speaks English well and is very interested in getting better and better.  So, Alex, principal of LTTW invited Sasha to accompany a group of Americans around Kostroma to translate and practice her English.  She led Jessica's (pictured on the left) group around some historical sites for a day and spent some time getting to know each other.  Then on Sunday, Sasha showed up at Kostroma Christian Church to see her new American friends. Despite having been invited numerous times by teachers and classmates, this particular Sunday was Sasha's first time attending a Christian church service.  She says that though she has learned about Christianity in school, it is a foreign concept to her and her family.  MTR is pleased to have been used by God in bringing Sasha to church for the first time, and sees it as a step toward a relationship with Christ!